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Large scale taxi management software at an affordable price. Makes your business more efficient with automation that reduces your costs
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Automated Dispatch

Marandy offers advanced packages to bring the future to your business. All software and hardware is made in house in conjunction with existing platform

Tracking Solutions

GPS tracking systems can help reduce dead mileage and route deviations to make sure your logistics are running efficiently at an affordable price.

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Easy and simple to use.

Future Taxi is an automated and configurable dispatch solution.

A highly compelling dispatch system equipped with fully featured passenger and drivers app that effortlessly  assimilate with  your workflow. Choice of different dispatch packages to best suit your business needs and let FutureTaxi automate the rest.


Taxi Butler does it all for you. Highly automated and efficient, customers can book a hospital appointment, doctors surgery, restaurant slots, hotel booking, supermarket shopping and more all though the system. Ability to expand and grow your business the Taxi butler booking portal not only increases sales, it increases your profitability in the marketplace as well as increasing a loyal customer base.

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Why Use Future Taxi

Future Taxi is the Dispatch for your taxi business.

Fully Automated

Future Taxi has the ability to auto allocate jobs and biddings as well as be configured to your own pre-defines business rules.

Omni-channel Booking

Utilise the web booker which is fully customisable for business branding. Booking through Facebook as well.

24/7 Support

We fully support our customers and go above and beyond to aid you in your business goals.

Easy to use

A dispatch system build for you, easily navigate and dispatch jobs right at your fingertips.

Reduce Overhead

Automation allows you to rid of overhead and save on business expenses.

Fully White-labelled

Customise and brand the web-booker and customer app aid in standing out from competitors.

Customer App

A chic, quick-response app that is user friendly, perfect for your customers! IVR, text response, animated map and pick up times.

Drivers App

Easy to use dispatch app with accessibility features. Choose jobs, text-back.

Management Suite

Invoicing, payment records, jobs, and more, helps you run your business smoothly.


With a company that has been established for over 30 years.

Passenger App

A Stylish, UX Friendly App, Perfect For Customers!

Fully integrated with IOS and Android, the customer app provides reliable and quick bookings and secure payments. High customer satisfaction will help you stand out from your competitors.  It’s never been so easy. 

Secure Transactions
Customer/ Driver Ratings
Map Tracking
IVR, automated messages
Booking History

Driver’s App

A Perfect App For Your Drivers

Drivers are important and keep your business running and we acknowledge that. Available on IOS and Android, friendly UX, the app best suits their needs. Intuitive dashboard, view earnings and bookings, allow to compete for jobs will keep the drivers eager and motivated.

Happy Clients Means Succesful Businesses

We make sure our customers are happy and fully satisfied both big companies and small. We provide excellent 24/7 support. Please review some of the companies that have worked alongside us. 

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