Delight your customers with a web booker and omni-channel options.

Fully automated web-booker with a fully automated process. Web-booker supports all electronic payments as well as tracking, digital receipts, fare estimates and book/pre-book.


  • Increase bookings and efficiency
  • Offers a complete IVR package that is automated
  • Automated bookings through website, app, and dispatch system
  • One touch to book online
  • Offers a complete IVR package that is automated
  • Accurate ETAs, fare estimate and track my taxi
  • estimate and track my taxi
  • Multiple channels bookings to offer customers
  • Our channels; Customer App, web booker and business solutions, web booker and Voice solutions
  • Easily customisable branding for your business
  • Easily embed the web booker to your website
  • Also can create a stand-alone webpage for your web booker
  • Sign in in seconds
  • Highly efficient and optimised
  • Multiple vehicle type, size and accessibility options
  • Gives the customer choice and personal freedom
  • Can book multiple destinations
  • Ability of shared journeys, pick-ups and drop offs
  • More options for customers
  • Increased profit with taxi trips
  • Decide on standard tip
  • Change any time of trip
  • Passenger app
  • Booking now or future booking
  • Increases taxi jobs
  • Approximate cost for the customers booking
  • Helps finance reports
  • Live ETAs help manage expectations
  • Driver and vehicle details
  • Track taxi pick up
  • Drop off on map
  • Receive receipt by
  • Automate expense reporting account
  • Business account


Offers a complete IVR package to automate your taxi booking service, along with additional features to help reduce the numbers of calls needed to be handled by phone operators.