Dynamic, aesthetically pleasing and accessible to all.

Market new customers with your very own branded app, automate your bookings keeping overheads down. A slick easy to use app is essential for your modern day customer.
Personalised App
Driver Tracking
Driver Rating

Customizable Customer App

The best native mobile app for IOS and Android, branded to your taxi company to shoot up your taxi business's profit making ratio.


  • Fully automated that will grow booking
  • Pre-existing customers grow customer referral function
  • Offer Promotions & Vouchers, Loyalty points and Gift Cards
  • Upfront payment authentication
  • Heightened security with 3DS
  • Reduced failed transactions
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant
  • No log in needed
  • Smart fare estimates, ETA and tracking
  • Streamlined UI/UX design
  • Multiple payments options
  • Save time and money
  • Payment console
  • Network-wide Card Blocking

Register in seconds.

Easily switch between personal and business accounts. 

Choose vehicle, type, size accessibility options. 

  • Visit multiple location in one trip
  • Gain more profit and customers with less mileage 
  • Improved algorithm detects weak GPS
  • Precise pickup location 
  • Prefilled Journeys
  • Saves time, improves efficiency
  • Passenger Taxi History 
  • Customer can pre-book time/day/month in advance
  • Increases Customers
  • Guaranteed taxi rides
  • Collect and drive deliveries
  • Fare Estimates
  • Approximate cost of Bookings 
  • Live ETA’s
  • Manges Expectation
  • Driver, vehicle details
  • Track taxi pickup and drop off
  • Track taxi ride for drivers amd customers safety
  • Secure cash payments
  • Secure digital payments
  • Compatible with Credit card/Debit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Automated digital receipts emailed to customers
  • Secure digital transaction 
  • Automated expense Reporting’s
  • Reported data automated in business account


Enhanced communication is key. You want clear, straightforward communication with your customer. But you also want a system that is simple yet effective. Our Customer App delivers. Our Customer App is easy for customers to navigate and use and enables the customer to pick which driver, destination and location they want with ease. It is fully compatible with Windows OS and the latest android devices.

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