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A Future Taxi Automation

Automation is vital for a successful taxi business and to grow your customer base. Here at Future taxis, our efficient system provides full automation of all your booking needs.
We provide IVR (Interactive Voice Response) an interactive system that is able to communicate to your customers, creating huge savings on overhead costs and call centre staff. Booking made easy in seconds, customers no longer need to wait for a telephonist with this automated system.
We provide automated Web booking. Highly automated, fully integrated and branded the website engine fully adjusts to your existing website or as a stand-alone webpage.
We provide automated App booking. The booking system is configurable with android and IOS devices. App booking means your customers can book a taxi or destination on the go. Hassle free and convenient it will attract and increase your customer base.
We provide automated Facebook Bookings. This is a unique feature, fully automated; customers can now book their taxi through Facebook. On Facebook there are 2.7 monthly active users, using the booking service on Facebook vastly widens your customer base. Booking through Facebook is widely appealing as it is convenient, effortless and efficient.
Taxi Butler does it all for you. Highly automated and efficient, customers can book a hospital appointment, doctors surgery, restaurant slots, hotel booking, supermarket shopping and more all though the system. Ability to expand and grow your business the Taxi butler booking portal not only increases sales, it increases your profitability in the marketplace as well as increasing a loyal customer base.