Smooth, sleek, responsive driver app.

Marandy offer personalised booking Apps for both iPhone and Android users allowing customers to make bookings in a matter of seconds. Fully configured to Future Taxi.
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The World’s Only On-Demand Customizable Taxi Dispatch Software

The best native mobile apps for iOS and Android, branded to your taxi company to shoot up your taxi business’s profit making ratio.


  • Lower staffing
  • Save money “used Driver phone”
  • Secure Back end communication
  • Driver app is fully customisable
  • Compliments how your business works
  • Native app for IOS and android
  • Accepts card and cash paymen
  • Satisfied customers stay
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Streamline UI/UX design
  • Easy to use, the app is built in
  • In app administration
  • On board new drivers in minutes
  • Passengers booking history which helps efficiency
  • Favourite customer journeys which helps efficiency
  • Safety features
  • Protects drivers and customers

Register and sign in in seconds. 

  • Talk back to drivers
  • Safer to drivers on the road
  • Real time earning stats
  • What they’ve missed out on refusing fares
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Panic button for drivers (in app integration)
  • Lock – outs for driver fatigue 
  • Drivers can take breaks to ensure safety 
  • Seamless two way communication
  • Drive messaging  and fleet messaging 
  • Predefined messages that save you time
  • Drivers can directly contact passengers reducing overhead 
  • Phone  calls and triggered/ automated messages
  • Drivers can choose settings to suit preferences 
  • Day and night mode can be enables
  • Text to speech 
  • Voice recognition on/off


All it takes is a simple swipe to accept and complete bookings. Our Drivers App simplifies the process, optimises efficiency, increases drivers retention as well as improving the service level for the driver and the customer. Our Driver App has a seamless design which can be personalised and is the most efficient app for your drivers. It is fully compatible with Windows OS and the latest android devices.

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